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X posted to my own journal... Fanny Pak workshop with Phil and Cara

Because if I don't blog about it, it didn't happen :p

So tonight on kind of a whim, I took a dance class with Phil and Cara from Fanny Pak. I had a friend who was promoting two events this week and I decided to go out in support of him. Also I haven't taken a hip-hop class in a while so I thought it would be good practice. It turned out that only six people showed up for the class. But this ended up being nice because it meant we all got more face time with them. I talked to Phil a little bit before class and let them know not only would I try my best but that I'd ask a lot of questions and try not to funk up their choreography. He was really nice in person, and reminded me of a lot of my gay friends from college. Very flamboyant and a good dancer :p

The class itself went pretty well. I was surprised to find that after filming myself, I wasn't actually all that bad. The choreography was FAST! as in Fanny Pak fast! Which is fast... and at first I thought I couldn't keep up, but it actually went well. Phil was really funny the whole time and made the class fun. I actually enjoyed the small size of the class and I felt really comfortable asking questions. The best thing was that they choreographed without counts. Just to the words of the song. Which is how I learn choreography the best. I asked Phil about it after the class and he said that he'd rather not do counts either and that's how he learns. I asked him what goes through his head when he has to do counts for a routine or a class and he said that "oh man we have to do counts" was what was on his mind. :) I feel exactly the same.

We took pictures after the class and I got to talk to Phil a little bit. I asked about the Fanny Pak clothing line and he pulled out this really nice tank top. I asked if they could make me a shirt with a built in Fanny Pak. Phil seemed to think the idea was kinda neat, so who knows if we'll see that in the future. I found out that the Fanny Pak are actually putting together an album (which means Phil from Fanny Pak is going to be "compared" to Phil Collins again XD) and their shoes should be released soon.

At the end of the night my friend Darwin, the promoter, and I walked out with Cara and Phil. I kinda wanted to hang out with them, but since Darwin didn't end up going, and I didn't want to be that "weird groupie hanging out" with them, I walked Darwin to the bus terminal instead. We talked about ABDC and how he "gained lots of 'friends'" when they found out he had met Quest crew and knew So Real Cru. Some "friends." But we had a great time talking and the whole night was a huge success.

I'll have an update about the Lady Jules and Teresa Espinosa workshops on Friday. Until then Freak the Dream!
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